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Solid Gold NutrientBoost Puppy Love At First Bark 3.75lb Grain Free Chicken Dog Food

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Your dog’s favorite dog food recipe just got a new boost! Solid Gold’s NutrientBoost Love at First Bark provides puppies with everything they love from the original recipe, but with a boost of proteins, amino acids, and antibodies from sustainably sourced nutrientboost to help dogs digest, absorb, and savor their food and nutrients. To ensure the utmost quality and the most groundbreaking support for your pet, nutrientboost products are made with this natural and sustainably sourced plasma that comes from exclusively USDA-approved facilities. This dry food is made with lean, nutrient-dense, and highly digestible protein from all-natural cage-free chicken. Plus, each bite of this kibble also includes DHA for dogs (via Salmon Fish Oil with omega fatty acid) to support their cognitive development as they grow! Love at First Bark also includes living probiotics for gut bacteria and immune support, along with a unique blend of functional superfoods and vitamins to keep their tiny tail wagging with joy all throughout their first fun year of life!