API GH & KH Test Kit Freshwater

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Duplicate the natural habitat of your freshwater fish and plants and help prevent dangerous pH shifts with API's GH & KH Freshwater Aquarium Test Kit. Water hardness is the amount of dissolved mineral content in water and it comes in two types: general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH). KH levels can cause rapid and wide shifts in pH levels which can stress fish and cause illness or death. And high levels of GH can create unsightly, calcium crust to form in your aquarium including the hood and glass. To test, just fill a test tube with tank water and add the test drops. The KH value is determine by the amount of test solutions needed to the turn the test water bright yellow. The GH value is determined by the amount of reagent needed to turn the test water green. Then follow the instructions included to take appropriate actions.