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Pet Qwerks BarkBone Natural Instincts Dinosaur Bacon Infused Nylon Dog Chew Medium

Captivate your dog's inner beast with BarkBone™ Natural Instincts Dinosaur long-lasting nylon chews. REAL bacon pieces, flavor, and scent are infused to the core of each bone and released as your dog chews. Perfect for the toughest chewers, the Dinosaur BarkBone has a realistic look and feel that is easy for dogs to pick up and hold and is designed with multiple chewing surfaces to keep your dog engaged for nonstop chew sessions. Available in our largest 11" Beast size, 9.75" Large, 8.25" Medium, and 6.5" Small sizes. Chews are non-toxic and non-allergenic. BarkBone is chews are non-toxic and non-allergenic and is proudly made in the USA!