Pet Qwerks

Pet Qwerks Single Rope X-Tire Jingle Ball Dog Toy Large

Help your pup relieve some energy with Pet Qwerks® Single Rope X-Tire Jingle Ball Dog Toy. Made with a durable, thick rope and a pair of small tires molded into a ball, this toy is perfect for tug-o-war or toss. Two big rope knots on each end of the toy gently massage your pet's gums and floss their teeth as they gnaw on the rope knots. As your pup shakes, tugs, and tosses the toy, the X-Tire jingles, helping to keep your pup interested and engaged in playing. Pet Qwerks X-Tire Balls are not recommended for chewing sessions. Molded from Flexi PVC, they're smooth and lightweight and not designed for heavy chewing.