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Sportmix 3lb grain free peanut biscuit dog treats

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SPORTMiXWholesomesGourmet Biscuit Treats with Real Roasted Peanutsare sure to please your dog with a savory peanut flavor baked in every bite! SPORTMiXWholesomesGourmet Biscuit Treats are a great reward for your dog or a perfect training aid. SPORTMiXWholesomesGourmet Biscuit Treats with Real Roasted Peanuts help your dogs teeth remain clean and healthy. Particles in soft foods frequently stick to the teeth of dogs. This results in tartar build-up and bad breath. The hard, crunchy texture of SPORTMiXWholesomesDog Biscuit Treats helps avoid this problem while satisfying the chewing needs of dogs. When used daily, these biscuit treats can help effectively remove loose food particles and tartar supporting healthy gums. SPORTMiXWholesomesDog Biscuit Treats are naturally preserved and 100% guaranteed for taste and nutrition.