Super Snouts

Super Snouts Chews Daily: Daily Digestive + Immune Health Support Soft Chews 60ct


Does you best friend have a natural nervous tummy? Is your pet in need of supporting stool consistency and healthy anal glands? Does you fur baby have sneezing fits during weather changes?

Chews+Daily :: Digestive+Immune Support Soft Chews Benefits: 

  • Support of healthy gut and immune response. Made with ProbioSEB for microbiome health
  • May aid with upset and nervous tummies due to dietary or environmental changes
  • Promotes the ease of general discomfort due to normal daily exercise and the natural aging process

Ages: 9-12mos+ 

Perfect for cats and dogs of all sizes who may be experiencing normal digestion issues. Keep their digestive and immune system as healthy as possible with a dose of Daily Digestive + Immune Support Soft Chews!

Always consult with your Veterinarian before giving supplements to your pet.