Super Snouts

Super Snouts Chews Daily: Daily Skin + Seasonal Allergy Support Soft Chews 60ct


Is you best friend preoccupied with itching and rubbing their skin against your carpet? Does your fur baby have sneezing fits during weather changes?  Is your pet experiencing normal seasonal or skin allergies?

Chews+Daily ::  Skin+Allergy Support Soft Chew Benefits: 

  • Support of healthy skin and seasonal allergies
  • Helps maintain balanced behavior
  • Promotes your best friend’s long-term health

Ages: 9-12mos+ 

Perfect for cats and dogs of all sizes who may be experiencing normal skin and seasonal allergies. Keep their immune system and histamine response as healthy as possible with a dose of Daily Skin + Allergy Support Soft Chews!

Always consult with your Veterinarian before giving supplements to your pet.