Super Snouts

Super Snouts Grain Free Hemp + Shroom 6ct Broad Spectrum Hemp & 7 Mushroom Blend Soft Chews


Is your pet experiencing normal seasonal or skin allergies w/normal accompanying discomfort?

Hemp+Shroom CBD & 7-Mushroom Blend Soft Chew Benefits:

  • Support of your best friend’s immune health and histamine response
  • Helps to maintain your pet’s innate resistance to pathogens
  • Promote the ease of general discomfort due to normal daily exercise

Ages: 9-12mos+ 

Perfect for cats and dogs of all sizes who experience natural seasonal or skin allergies with normal accompanying discomfort. May be used as a daily supplement for your best friend to keep their immune system and histamine response as healthy as possible with a daily dose of Hemp + Shroom CBD Soft Chews!