Super Snouts

Super Snouts Grain Free Plain Jane 6ct Broad Spectrum Hemp Soft Chews


Is your pet experiencing natural nervousness or hyperactivity? Does your best friend have normal bouts with nausea during car rides?

Plain+Jane CBD "Wellness Support" Soft Chew Benefits: 

  • Support of your best friend’s normal disposition and emotional balance
  • Aids in reducing occasional nausea due to environmental stress
  • Promote the ease of general discomfort due to normal daily exercise

Ages: 9-12mos+ 

Perfect for cats and dogs of all sizes who experience natural nervousness and / or hyperactivity or may be experiencing normal discomfort. May be used as a daily supplement for your best friend to aid in maintaining their emotional balance with a daily dose of Plain + Jane CBD Soft Chews!


*Dog & Cat Use*