Tetra algae control freshwater 3.38oz fish

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This liquid formula effectively combats aquarium algae and also works to prevent it from returning. This formula is highly effective against algal blooms that cause green water and works against algae that grow on glass and decor, such as blue-green algae (oscillatoria), diatoms, brown algae (synedra), hair algae (spirogyra) or blanket weed (oedogonium). Safely use our Algae control in planted aquariums. The precision dropper helps you administer the proper dose to your aquarium. One drop treats one gallon of aquarium water. Before applying our Algae Control, first remove as much algae as possible by cleaning the glass and decor. This allows the product to be most effective at reducing the remaining algae and inhibiting new algae growth. Remove activated carbon filters for 6 to 8 hours after dosing. Be prepared to clean out additional algae as it is killed to prevent deterioration of water quality. See product label for complete directions for use.