VetIQ Calming Soft Chew Dog Supplements 60ct Hickory Smoke Flavored

There’s a number of things that can make your pet stressed: the mailman, gardeners, sirens – the list goes on. And with that, there’s an even longer list of ways in which they cope with managing their stress levels, from excessive barking to nervous pacing back and forth. Some of your pets may be working like a dog, but that shouldn’t mean that they need to be a nervous nelly. VetIQ® Calming can help keep your pet cool, calm, and collected. Formulated to help maintain calmness in stressful situations, VetIQ® Calming is a veterinarian recommended product that can keep your pet feeling relaxed at home with you, in its happy place. VetIQ® Calming helps your pet manage normal stress levels and supports balanced behavior. The outside world can be scary for everyone, pets included. Include VetIQ® Calming in your pet’s diet to help maintain healthy and normal stress levels. Supporting your pet’s health is VetIQ®’s priority. Offering a number of safe and affordable products, VetIQ® wants to make sure your pet is healthy, active, and happy.