VetIQ Probiotic Support Soft Chew Dog Supplements 60ct Hickory Smoke Flavored

Let’s hope you bought a pooper scooper or packed your doggie bags. VetIQ® Probiotic are made to help your dog go when they need to go. Created to help support your dog’s healthy digestion, these are your doggie Doo-Do’s. VetIQ® Probiotic nourishes natural gut bacteria and helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract for your dog, so that their bathroom breaks continue to be regular, and they can continue to live their best life. This product is made to support normal bowel function and the digestion of essential nutrients. From the inside and out, VetIQ® Probiotic works to keep your dog’s digestion happy & healthy. VetIQ® creates products that keep your pet’s health at the forefront of production. Offering a number of affordable pet products, VetIQ® strives to keep your pet living healthy, active, and happy!