VetIQ Skin & Coat Soft Chew Dog Supplements 60ct Hickory Smoke Flavored

Look good, feel good. Being a pet owner, you want your dog to look and feel it’s very best on the inside and out. And especially for those who love bringing their dogs with them everywhere (you know who you are), you want to make sure your pet’s skin and coat are clean and healthy around other pets and environments. VetIQ® Skin & Coat works from the inside out to keep your pet’s coat soft, leaving it looking smooth and shiny. Formulated with Omega 3, 6, & 9, your pet can maintain a shiny, vibrant coat, so they can feel comfortable, clean, and healthy in their skin every step of the way - talk about a glow up! Using a heart healthy formula, VetIQ® Skin & Coat helps support your pet to maintain normal shedding patterns all while supporting soft skin and a shiny coat. With savings to you, VetIQ® produces products that serve to maintain your pet’s health. With an assortment of products, VetIQ® wants your pet to feel happy, healthy, and active for their next pet adventure.